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Church Of Malphas Mission Statement

To organize, form, and establish an interfaith church founded on divine principles based on faith, reason and conscience with the goal of improving spiritual health and welfare of humanity; to embody and promote these principles to help co-create harmony of the mind, body, and spirit elements in accordance with divine law.


Church Of Malphas is a Legal Church based on the Spiritualist Movement.   We are not a religion, and our primary purpose is to help the individual with their personal spirituality.

We do not have a ranking system or give ourselves fancy titles.  Those with titles such as "Father," "Rabbi" or "Imam" earned those titles through proper education, and have congregations outside of Church Of Malphas, in their particular religious path.

We welcome those in any religious path who would like to explore their spiritual growth and expand their horizons outside of the traditional religious paths. 

We do not have a list of rules and regulations one must follow as we realize spiritual growth and religious beliefs are very personal and "one size does not fit all."   The Church Of Malphas does not believe that an organization or another human should dictate the spiritual and religious path one feels comfortable with. 

The Church Of Malphas accepts only those who are 18 years or older or with parental permission.

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